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Updated: Jun 12, 2021

It feels so great to be blogging again and having a space where we can just catch up and talk about anything. I've never done one of these updates before but with my newly adopted lifestyle as a serial entrepreneur, it's been getting kinda harder to update you, babes, on the gram. I have soo many NEW things and responsibilities going on that the catch-up gets

R E A L. So with all that's going on right now, I wanted to share a life update and catch up with you babes on what's been going on with me as of recently.

So What's New? Well….

There’s a New Morning Routine

I have an extensively NEW morning routine which consists of me waking up at 6:30-7 am. If you have been following me for a while you know that pre-quarantine I was getting up at 4:30 am-5 am just to be able to work out. Now that has become my time for self-care and my time to get my mind right. I’ve picked up meditation and journaling which has helped so much with setting the tone for the day. I even did a little self-care challenge for you babes on it! If you haven’t checked it out already, it’s an inside peek at how prioritizing your mind for a few minutes a day is a complete game-changer. I also love to read in the mornings. I love to read a motivational quotes, which I will usually share on my IG stories. And despite what ya may think (LOL) I also DO NOT pick up my phone as soon as I wake up in the morning. I don’t want the tone of the day to be set for me, I want to set it, so I don’t go on social media or watch any news outlets until after my routine is done. Take this tip with you and thank me later, it will be a breath of fresh air.

My New Workout Routine

My new workout routine? Well, there isn’t any :/ I literally try and get it in whenever I can. Movement is life for me but so are my new responsibilities, so currently I workout 3-4 times a week and take a lot of walks. Gyms are still closed by me and a workout environment is so essential to me, especially because you guys know how much I love to lift. So in the meantime, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to use my girl’s gym which has a Peloton bike and you guys recommended some great instructors that have been lifesavers. They have been keeping me accountable, and consistently going back. But yeah, I’m just making sure that I move my body for at least 20mins a day at some point.

Changes on my Channel + Website

I’m so excited to inform you guys of all the new changes that are coming up across all of my platforms. I’m currently in the beginning stages of rebranding my website. I want to use my site to connect more in-depth with you babes, all while bringing awareness to the things I love and am passionate about. I'm also going to be doing monthly blog posts bringing you new information on some of the latest trends, skincare products, home decor, wellness tips and so much more.

Also, another one of my goals this year is to be more consistent with my Youtube Channel. I want to share a little bit more about my lifestyle, as well as, full-length workout videos that will be easy to follow along. IG has so many changes going on and is limited to how long videos can be and sometimes we need more than 5-10mins. So if you aren't subscribed already to my channel, make sure to go support your girl there! And stay tuned because…….

We Are Moving!!!

I can't believe we've already been here for two years and it's officially time to move. We moved from New York not knowing San Diego and ended up moving into a beautiful community with lots of amenities. However, once covid hit a lot of these amenities were restricted and we didn't have full access to them all while paying the same rent 😏 Also if you guys don’t remember, Joe and I had to convert our offices from Downtown/Gaslamp District to our living room. So with all this happening it was kind of a huge motivational push to find a home where we will be able to have all the space we need and then some. And that WE DID!

In the beginning, I was super worried that we wouldn’t find what we were looking for because the housing market is soooo different in California and it seems everyone is looking at homes with more spaces but….We found the most beautiful house and I can’t wait to give you guys the tour! I’ve always dreamed of living in a house like this and we are just super excited! Move-in date is April 1st but in the meantime, ya already know I’m going to be organizing the heck out of everything from here until then. I have already started with the purge of my vanity room/closet and will continue to do more purging every weekend till then. Also, Furniture Shopping!!! In the new house, I want it to be a different vibe than the decor I currently have. Right now I have a gray, white, and silver vibe going on and I’m looking to go more on the natural, nude, white, modern vibes. Very light and Bright,

very Onyx + Jade. So don't worry, I will be vlogging the entire thing! So make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel for the empty house tour!

And speaking of Onyx + Jade….

Onyx + Jade

Our little baby is almost 7 months old! How insane is that! I still can't believe we launched in the middle of a pandemic. I know I don't share much BTS of what really goes on when owning a women's clothing boutique, but that's because it's A LOT of work and I'm constantly busy! All long side with my best friend and partner, our days are spent fulfilling orders, modeling the clothes, responding to customers, working on designing and curating upcoming collections, setting up photoshoots, scouting locations & models for those shoots, working on graphics, and content for our current products as well as, learning about sales, email marketing, marketing strategies, etc., you name it!

And now 8 months later, we are excited to be hosting our first-ever Pop-Up Event in San Diego this Sunday, March 7th, 2021 and coincidentally it will also be International Women’s Day! So if you're in the area be sure to check out our Sip & Shop event. It’s gonna be Lit!

Thick Skin Beauty


My Newest Adventure. I’m so thrilled to be partnering up with yet another amazing and beautiful friend of mine, founder and guru skincare formulator Jeanette Emory! I was so honored and humbled when she even considered bringing me on board for this amazing opportunity and making me VP and partner at Thick Skin Beauty. I still can't believe I'm getting into the skincare game. We have been working for over a year and a half on different formulations and just a couple of weeks ago we have finally finalized one of our first products. You babes know how serious I feel and take skincare so we are determined to bring you the best skincare product possible. Be sure to stay tuned for more information as. we are currently in the testing and packaging stages and have tons of exciting projects happening before the launch. We can't wait to bring this product to you and to help women feel more confident in their natural skin.

Alright loves, so there you have it! Now you guys know why I disappear sometimes and what I have been busy doing. I’m so happy I was able to write this blog for babes and catch up on what’s been going on! It’s been hella crazy over here the last few months however being uncomfortable is a part of growth and a part of what being an entrepreneur is all about.

Thanks for meeting me here and as usual ya know if you need anything, you can always send me a DM or catch me in my stories!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to see you in the next one!!


Remy G.

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