7 Tips for staying productive while working from home

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Having the self-discipline to work from home is not easy for everyone. We all know working from home is a blessing, a curse, or both. If you have been finding it hard to focus right now, you’re definitely not alone. I once was in your shoes when I first became an entrepreneur and struggled to handle both. We can all benefit from a little work-life balance so here are 7 essential tips to work from home productively:

1. Create a Schedule/Routine- When we are stuck at home all day it is hard to get motivated to do things, especially when it's just so much easier to stay in bed! Creating a routine or regular schedule will get you going and keep you active all throughout your day. I’m a firm believer in to-do lists! 

2. Taking Care of Your Space - It's not news that keeping an organized space also keeps your mind organized. We tend to feel more frantic and out of place when there is too much going on around us so taking the time to create and take care of your space is good for the mind and soul.

3. Writing in a Journal- One of my favorite tips. Believe it or not, journaling actually helps with stress and boosts your mood by providing an outlet for your emotions. When you have that #selfcare time with yourself, it gives you the opportunity to check-in with yourself feeling gratitude and clarity allowing you to grow and put things out there to manifest or let go. Either way, it can be life-changing in providing you an outlet.

4. Communicate- Since we are all at home most of us with other individuals as well, find out each other's schedules, some may need quiet time for meetings/work calls, some like myself need to be able to play music for my workouts. Let’s just be courteous and kind to one another. 

5. Exercise- Staying active and working out is crucial, especially for keeping us energized and engaged. Whether it's a dedicated workout routine, a simple stretch, or walk, get into the habit of moving your body at least thirty minutes a day. Remember that once this is all over you'll still need to fit into those jeans and pajama pants can be deceptive! 

6. Get some Vitamin D- the sun is a beautiful thing and we are seeing a lot more of it with spring coming around, vitamin D is not only an amazing natural necessity for our health but also for our mood. Take a break, go on that brisk walk and enjoy the fresh air. Change the scenery. 

7. Set the energy for the day- when you wake up in the morning, remember that you're alive and blessed to be waking up for another beautiful day. Set Expectations! It's easy to forget the little things in life but keeping that energy going will keep you positive and upbeat making you and others around you feel that energy too! It’s all about the vibe babe! 

What are your tips for a productive routine at home?


Remy G.

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